Premium Fruit : Cherries

Washington State and the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah) produce the most delicious cherries in the world. There is something special about sweet cherries and stone fruits from the Northwest. They are bigger, juicier and sweeter. The Northwest provides the ideal mix of warm sunny days, cool crisp nights, and nutrient-rich soil which makes our fruit thrive.

Due to our extremely warm weather across the country, please keep in mind that fruit will only do well in transit no more than 2-3 days. We recomend that you use “Over Night” shipping or “Second Day Air” shipping. Please choose shipping appropriately for your area. We apologize for this inconvenience but we want you as our customers to receive the best fruit in quality and taste as possible. Thank you! *

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Of the dark-skinned cherries, the Bing is far and away the most common. It is a large, round, extra-sweet cherry with purple-red flesh and a deep red skin that verges on black when fully ripe.



The Rainier Cherry is a large, sweet, yellow fruit with a red blush. They usually have some skin discoloration, slight scuffing or brown spotting which indicates high sugar content. Fans of the Rainier keep coming back again and again because of the sweetness.



Taking its name from its plump heart-shape, the Sweetheart is a large, bright red cherry with a mild, sweet flavor. Inside the dark red skin, you will find the delicious, outstandingly firm dark red flesh. This fruit ships extremely well and will taste like it would if you ate it directly from the tree in our orchard.

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