About Us

How we got started

We at Brisky Canyon Fruit Company have all grown up working in the fruit industry and have always been proud of the State of Washington and especially its fruit growers. We admire the enormous effort they put into growing the absolute best fruit that they can.

Washington has long been known as the Apple State, and Wenatchee the Apple Capitol of the World. Most people however do not realize that we are the world’s leading pear producer. Washington also grows the biggest and best cherries in the world, as well as peaches, and, well, you get the idea. We started Brisky Canyon Fruit Company to bring this amazing fruit to the world.

What we’re doing now

Our backgrounds brought us together to start this unique business. With over 14 years in the fruit packing business, 40 years growing fruit trees, and 10 years growing fruit, we wanted to share our hard work directly with the consumer.

The best fruit to you

We want to share our best with your family. That’s why our premium fruit products contain only the top 10% of the fruit harvest. This makes the fruit we ship directly to you better than any fruit you can buy in a grocery store, market, or even specialty fruit retailer! And when you bite into a Brisky Canyon apple, cherry, peach, or pear, you will taste the difference.

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